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Guardian: 'Live your best (and cheapest) life'

Anna Kilpatrick set up after divorce meant losing her four-bedroom house and garden and having to move to a small flat with her two children. But living with less made her much happier, as did kitting out her flat with skip-diving finds and charity shop treasures. Kilpatrick hasn’t bought new clothes for a decade. She says: “You don’t need money or youth to be sustainably stylish. Actually, age helps, as you care less about opinions that are shared with the sole intention of trying to squash you.” Her advice is often coupled with information about how to keep warm when you can’t afford the heating, how to make your own makeup from shea butter and how to curb impulse-buying tendencies.

Top tip “Get a secondhand or preloved cashmere jumper or cardie to wear as a vest through winter. You feel so warm and save money on heating. It’s unbelievable the difference it makes.”

red haired white woman in preloved knitwear looking at camera and smiling
Anna at home in a preloved scarf and jumper


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