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How to Shop Preloved with NNN

Pretty soon you will be able to shop preloved to see my little curated collection of clothes and accessories from Not Needing New.

leopard print dress not needing new
Beautiful charity shop finds

The idea is to offer some of the things that I find and love, but don't need myself - I am getting much better at recognising when I have enough, but I do still love the excitement and the opportunities awarded to us by shopping second hand, I know that I am good at it and it's something I want to keep in my life, so the best thing that I can do, is use the 'eye' to pick out the things that I love and then offer them up to other sustainably conscientious style seekers who can make great use of them.

I am going to collaborate with a fabulous local preloved seller who I met through my instagram account (, we met up recently to talk about how we could help each other out here - she has built up a beautiful website and has really robust sustainability practices in her sourcing and packaging, and I have a big audience but a website geared up around writing and not around selling a product.

Sustainable preloved clothing
Not Needing New x Damson Preloved

So, we thought about how we could join forces and use both sets of skills to support both of our tiny solo female enterprises - it was actually my daughter who suggested that while we didn't need to sacrifice our separate identities, we could have the occasional Not Needing New x Damson Preloved drop! Damson gives me a place to sell with all of the systems in place, and I give Damson increased traffic and hopefully, that traffic will also see her other pieces all year round.

I need to get all the ground work done; the washing, ironing, photographing, measuring, describing, pricing, labelling - and then drive over to Valerie and drop them off ready to be uploaded in the Not Needing New collection on her website! She has the tools to take payments on my behalf and then pass that back to me - I have the lovely audience who will hopefully boost the wonderful work she is doing with her all-year round preloved collections.

Do go and have a look at Damson Preloved now, and I will let you know here, as soon as you will be able to see the Not Needing New collection sitting alongside it.

It is so good that another person will benefit from Not Needing New growing and evolving in this way, it's so good that I have an expert on my side who can help me to get this right and it is so good that you will have a far more seamless way to pick up some beautiful preloved pieces.

I really hope I can get it all ready very soon for you! Exciting times ahead.

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Sep 18, 2023

What a great idea 👍 definitely looking forward to seeing this.


Sep 17, 2023

Ohh, I already shop with her, so I'm so pleased this is your colab personality

Sep 18, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much that’s really good to hear


Sep 17, 2023

Fab idea!! Well done Amalia 😀

Looking so forward to seeing what you have found x


Sep 17, 2023

Great idea 👍

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