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​ I started Not Needing New to celebrate second hand stuff. I was (am) in a financial situation where it was the only way to manage. People kept saying things looked good, or cool, or stylish and I heard myself saying over and over, that it was from the charity shop, from the tip, found in a freebie box etc.

I thought it would be good to try to show that you don't need money or youth to be sustainably stylish. You need a bit of imagination, some bravado and actually, age helps, because you care less about opinions that are shared with the sole intention of trying to squash you.
Here's a few key things about me that shape my blogs and might help you decide if you're interested in the content! Maybe you relate to a few of them.


  • I'm 50

  • I'm a single mum of teenagers.

  • My children's dad is a stroke survivor, the impact is lifelong though.

  • We lost our family home and the kids and I now live in a small 3rd floor flat.

  • I haven't had my own bedroom for 6 years. There's no garden.

  • I work full time & I'm a senior school governor.

  • I ended my 23 year teaching career in Dec 2019. I knew the demands of the job were constantly pulling me away from the 2 children who really needed me.

  • I now work marketing men's underwear.

  • I have 14 brothers and sisters.

  • I gave up all alcohol on May 1st 2020. Over 3 years. I feel (and look, I think..) a bloody hell of a lot better. I was getting very reliant on red wine.

  • I have a builder boyfriend. He's a single dad. We don't live together. This sometimes breaks my heart.

  • I'm teaching my son to drive. 

  • I'm absolutely and utterly proud that I keep my household going on very limited means, with no other support. I DO NOT feel ashamed of my second hand style.

  • I pretty much have everything I want and need. 

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