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Hold Onto a LifeJouy for Wellbeing

graphic of lifebouy with yellow smileys to symbolise life joys supporting wellbeing

Everything feels desperate. The news has never seemed so full of agony. All sides, everywhere. The suffering of others is so real. It can feel hard to keep up with events, but it's important not to turn away.

We need to find ways to balance the focus from trying to learn and understand so that we can support and respond, with ways to touch back into our safe lives and realise just how unbelievably lucky we are.

I don't want to gloss over the enormity of the terror in the news, but I am no expert at all. I am reading and listening and responding in my way, and I know that you are too.

Many things that we go through, both alone and collectively, can lead to overwhelming feelings of sadness and despondency with the world. The economic situation, for millions, has become more challenging than ever and it can feel like our chances of having a home, a car, a holiday, even a paid gas bill are accelerating away from us faster than we can pedal. The nights are drawing in, the temperature is slipping low, the rain is sweeping in, the storms are getting worse. Thinking of storms, I thought of lifebouys and how they are there to cling to when the water is overwhelming. They support.

I know that, for me, spending time consciously considering the myriad things around me that bring me such an incredible privilege in life (I shall never tire of marvelling over hot water coming out of taps in our homes!) is a really helpful exercise. Where I used to consider it far too simplistic to gain joy and feel better just by thinking about good things, I now feel that it's hugely significant, hugely important and it really does support your mental wellbeing in maintaining a happier, more resilient outlook on your life.

If you are in receipt of all of this mind-blowing luxury - health, a family, a safe home, power, food, friends, access to nature - then I promise you, there is so much to be grateful for and there are so many tiny 'lifejouys' that we can share and celebrate for supporting us and keeping us afloat.

What I am going to do is check in with my Instagram community on Monday mornings, just a few minutes in a LIVE instagram session while I get ready for work. I will share our 'Lifejouys' for the week - it can be anything that you have done, you are going to do, you are grateful for - anything that brings you joy. What is supporting you and making you happy?

Please share your Lifejouys here in the comments - I will keep coming back to this post to read any that you add, week after week. I will share your ideas (without sharing your name if you want to be anonymous) and hopefully, we can start the week with a small blast of many good things, many tiny moments of joy that still exist in the world, for each of us, in our own different ways.

Here are a few of mine:

Little Lifejouys I throw for myself - reading, a rare bath, the first morning coffee, eating Gus's daal, cleaning the flat, being with my sisters, seeing my children happy, open spaces and fresh air.

If you want to comment and tell me your Little Lifejouys, I can share them on a Monday and help others to feel happier too. Thank you so much.

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10. jouluk. 2023

Lifejouy I'm feeling this week is that incredibly I’ve been retired almost a year(10 days) after 41+ years in hospital, last 2 decades on overnights 7on/7off. Everyday I give thanks for all of it, for surviving it, for loving it until I didn’t, for what it allowed me to do, and the absolute down on my knees thankfulness that it’s in the past. New Chapter


26. marrask. 2023

I’m forever grateful a former neighbor asked me to go to a yoga class with her. this was 1997, I’m still practicing, I’m good friends with that original teacher, who has been a gift to my life And the practice has seen me through so much! Blessings


26. marrask. 2023

My joy today is knowing I have a week off work. There will be lots of country and seaside walks, taking it easy, reading lots, and enjoying the feeling of no time limits


23. marrask. 2023

Yesterday whilst loading the shopping into the car ,my husband asked me to look up .The clouds were just beautiful, so many little pillows of pure white suspended above us .It was most certainly a joyful moment. On a more mundane note ,an undisturbed night's sleep, a rare but wonderful thing when, like me ,you are connected to diabetes tech that alarms and beeps more often than not .My diabetes tech is also a joy but a necessary one to keep me alive and kicking.


20. marrask. 2023

Something that brings me so much joy is when I’m walking the dog (which is joyful in itself), I stop often to look up at the trees and breath. That sight of a tree against the sky is magical and reminds me how beautiful this world is.

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