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Not Needing New on Podcasts

I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where the podcasts that I have been a guest on, can all sit together and you can click through for a listen!

  1. Fresh Starts with Stacey Dooley (BBC) - this was such a great experience. Stacey came over to my little flat and we made the episode. The mens lingerie company is above the car workshop where I also work for some of the time, this is a great listen and Isaac and Amalia are also in it!

Stacey Dooley and Anna Kilpatrick Not needing new podcast

Stacey Dooley and Anna Kilpatrick not needing new
Stacey Dooley came to the Blue Kitchen!


2) Middling Along WIth Emma Thomas - This was a lovely chilled chat about all things N N N and Emma is so easy to chat to. It's like a chat between friends on the bus that you're overhearing!

Anna Kilpatrick Not needing New Podcast


3) Perception Podcast with Caroline Partridge - My sister went to a New Year's Eve party and met Caroline, who told her she was an actress and broadcaster who made podcasts and she then lined me up to chat to Caroline! Her energy and wisdom was wonderful to join along with and I think you'll like this episode..

Anna Kilpatrick Not Needing New Podcast


midlife podcast Anna Kilpatrick Not Needing New

Here's a fabulous chat I had with the adventurous Menopause coach, Laura, from Marvellous Midlife. In this episode we chat about so many things - being a parent, a step parent, an equal partner, a daughter, managing with less, recognising an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and giving it up - Loads of things that women everywhere will relate to. You can listen to it here.


I have recorded a podcast episodes with one of the most amazing Instagram / Podcast creators - the outrageously energetic Luinluland for her Self Love Revolution Series - I will add it here as soon as it's released, I am really looking forward to hearing how it turned out!

Thanks for all your support and I really hope you find something encouraging in these episodes.

Anna x


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