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Standing Sisters

My brave oaken sisters,

Who line my route home

Your stance has been noted,

Your protest, my own.

I'm so utterly small,

Reduced by the me -

While the whirl of your clothes,

Your fragments of summer,

Spin round to be free.

Spin wild to the road.

Blistered veils of protection,

To stand in the air.

Just standing there, true.

Standing there.

Wish I could seek less permission,

Than changing, adapting my position,

Such measured control,

Juxtaposed with my soul,

Which stands with you - tall

The fast whirlwind of fall.

Breast and spine steady in air,

Grey determination to bare

Winter's knife and despair.

A pride in your stance,

Invites more than my glance;

Do you choose this together?

Tribal steps? come the weather,

Roots locked, earthen tether.

So brave in the cold,

I'm not of your mould -

Just standing there


Standing there.

oak trees after autumn

I am not turning this blog into a poetry blog, don't panic! I just found an old notebook with a poem I had written from a time when I used to drive past this amazing row of ancient oaks on my way into teach. I was struck by the wild abandonment of their 'clothes' as they stood, lined up to face the coming season.

I wondered if they knew what was coming? If they had a sisterhood, living in each other's shadows and reaches. If they felt daunted by the challenge of cold, or invigorated and alive?

I thought about our own resilience and power, how harder times bring out a strength that you may not even know that you hold. I felt that I could take something from their resolute stance - instead of always changing to fit what everyone else needed and wanted, I could learn to face things and be firm.

I still think about those trees. The standing sisters.

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Nov 26, 2023

I love this and now research and science has found that trees in close proximity communicate through the earth about so many things!! They are miraculous


Oct 12, 2023

Anna, this is so beautiful. I’ve just returned from a recent trip to Quebec and the autumn colours amongst the trees were beautiful and stunning to see. Reading your poem took me right back there, trees are the best nature can be, so grand so strong and so elegant too with changing colours that make you feel so warm inside. X


Oct 05, 2023

❤️ I thought of parents standing in a playground and another parent who perhaps feels she doesn't fit in.

Thank you for sharing.


Oct 05, 2023

Beautiful - a lovely start to my day! Thank you


Oct 04, 2023

Anna your insta posts and now website always bring me joy. You are one of life's kind souls don't ever change 😊

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