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Gus' Recipe for Dhal

a bowl of delicious dhal recipe
Taste AMAZING, looks average!

Most delicious, nutritious, low cost dinner! This is my all time favourite food.

Gus, @thevegetarianbuilder, just makes it by eye, no definite quantities but hopefully this recipe for dhal will help. It's so tasty, so good for you, and so easy & cheap to make a batch of it.

These are the ingredients that we used:



Red lentils

Brown basmati rice

Curry powder / paste


Sweet potato

Bell pepper



Pak Choi


Lemon / yoghurt / pickles as condiments.

You need two pans, a glass-lidded pan is best for the rice.

🌟Chop up an onion and fry off on low heat until going translucent.

⭐Add pinch of salt to help the onion sweat off.

🌟Add curry powders or paste of choice (a few tablespoons) cook off for about 10 mins. Stir it to ensure there's no burning!

⭐ Cook your rice at the same time. Brown basmati is delicious. We always cover rice with about two fingers depth of water above the rice in the pan, bring the rice to the boil, let it simmer for a few minutes, then turn off the heat and let it just sit PAN LID ON for the next 20 mins. A glass lid pan is best for this.

🌟 Back to the dhal - Add chopped celery and sweet potato, sweet pepper of any colour and fry off for a few minutes more.

⭐ Add mushrooms!

🌟 Tip in your red lentils, we probably used 250g here.

⭐Add stock (we used mushroom stock cube & water) enough to make it feel like a very thick soup, it will seem like a lot of water but the lentils will soak it up! (3:1 water to lentil ratio)

🌟 Bring to the boil, turn down and simmer, stir occasionally. Lid on and allow the whole thing to cook through. Keep a check on water level, don't let it dry and burn. If the dahl looks creamy but the lentils are hard, add more water and keep cooking!

⭐Add chopped pak choi, and or coriander right at the end! A squeeze of lemon.

🌟 Serve with rice, naan, pickles, yoghurt as you wish.

Save it and make it! Let me know how you get on.

a man chops a sweet potato at a kitchen counter
Left handed to write, right handed to chop!


Nov 25, 2023

I love anything lentil!


Nov 24, 2023

This looks and sounds so yummy! Definitely be trying this😋💚


Nov 23, 2023

Looks delicious. I used to make Dahl a lot but forgot So thanks for getting it back on the list! I love really slow fried crispy brown onions on top too. yum!


Nov 23, 2023

I too adore dahl. This version looks fantastic! I can alllmost taste it from here… aah, not quite, I’ll need to make my own Thanks for the share Gus 👌

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