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Shop Gorgeous Preloved Clothes with NNN x Damson

a collection of autumnal preloved clothes sustainable clothes
A few pieces from the first NNN edit

From 7pm this evening (26.09.23) you will be able to find a special little section on the Damson Preloved website which has my Not Needing New edit available, gorgeous preloved clothes looking for new homes!

This is the very start of an idea that Valerie and I had recently, where we wondered if there was a way that we could come together and help each other. Valerie, of Damson, is exceptionally good at spotting beautiful preloved pieces out in the wild, she has built a beautiful website and has all the mechanism for accepting payments and sorting postage.

I live very close to her, I met her through instagram and I bring my sizeable and super-supportive band of IG people along with me! The plan is that I take the photos and measurements of all my own stuff, I share a google doc with Valerie, I then drive over and deliver the clothes, she uploads it all to her website and then you can shop from NNN x Damson as well as from original Damson if you like, and it all gets posted out by Valerie.

The plan is to maintain this, that I will regularly drop off a collection and I will start to actively look for beautiful pieces in all sizes - things I would choose for myself - which I can then measure and photograph and deliver to Valerie for the NNN edit on her site.

We hope that, over time, it will help me to bridge the gap in my income drop and enable me to keep my little household afloat, it will support Valerie's excellent sustainable business and it will bring you all the opportunity to purchase pre-selected preloved pieces at great prices that have all been chosen specifically for their gorgeousness! If you find charity shopping tricky, or overwhelming, or just not that enjoyable, we can use our LOVE of treasure hunting to seek out the best bits that we can and maybe you will find something you like in our choices.

I hope to broaden the sizes and range (accessories too) but this first little collection is mainly things that I bought for myself and therefor there isn't a huge variation of sizes. If this venture works, then more will come!

Please ping over to Damson and see if there's anything you love. Let me know, even if you're not buying, having your traffic and your thoughts is such wonderful support.

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26 sept 2023

Ohhhh I’m definitely putting the circular in circular economy with one of my choices 😉

Me gusta
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