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Why you Need a Good, Old-Fashioned Flannel.

a pink basin with a basket of flannels and toilet rolls
Say goodbye to singe use wipes

Next to my basin is a stash of cotton flannels, the old-fashioned towelling flannels that your Grandparents would recognise. Soaked in warm water, they exfoliate your skin, they take off make up (I am totally devoted to the Aldi Lacura hot cloth cleanser) they are a mini-facial every evening.

You then wipe the basin with the flannel before putting it in the wash which keeps your dedicated cleaning time to a minimum! I have a constantly rotating stock of them doing my face, my basin, the wash, the drying rack and back to the basket.

These are old IKEA ones but you could cut up and old towel and make a load. You can match the colours to your bathroom.

No wet wipes, no waste, great skin care, low cost, reusable, natural materials, fits into the house routine of washing and drying with the other clothes - Get yourselves some flannels!

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Gill Johnson
Gill Johnson
29 באוג׳ 2023

I’ve started doing this as well Anna, so much better than cotton wool pads, face wipes, they also remove my makeup a lot better!

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