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Why Do I Love Nearly New Cashmere?

red haired woman in a cashmere sweater vest smiling at camera
Anna in a NNC men's cashmere vest

Right from the very start of my Instagram account, I was cheered on and supported by Nearly New Cashmere - an absolutely lovely family business selling exceptional quality preloved cashmere items.

They are based in Masham, in Yorkshire, but they send their cashmere all over the world. Ali, Pip, & Charlotte source high quality second hand cashmere jumpers in all sizes, the also curate some amazing silk scarves. They use real size models on the website and have a very easy-to-navigate store where you can find preloved (so, sustainable!) cashmere at a fraction of the new cost.

They have the BEST customer service of any small business I know and I am so happy that they have allowed me to represent them in the small way that I have done over the past few years.

In the Guardian article that I was featured in, the top tip that I gave was to find a snugly fitting second hand cashmere layer to wear as a vest in the coldest months. It really is extraordinarily surprising how warm you will be as a result - you will be able to cope with the house thermostat turned much lower than you would usually need and you will save money as a result.

I have my own link for their website which earns me a lovely little bit of pocket money from every sale made via it - so far, I have earned over £100 this way, so thank you so much to anyone who has helped that to happen!


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